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October 4, Mumbai has always been popular and known to celebrate every festival with so much dedication. And Durga Puja is no exception. If you take a Mumbai tour during Navratri and Durga Puja, you will see thousands of pandals and dandiya venues. Pandal hopping is one of the significant part of Durga puja, a festival that is celebrated in dedication to Durga who symbolizes the victory of good over evil. This festival attracts thousands of tourists from all over to this maximum city. And thus, without much ado, we have listed down the top six Durga Puja Pandals near Mumbai that we think you must definitely visit. How and where is Durga Puja celebrated? The artisans have used dry leaves, supari tree and also dry grass to create the nest like structure. The venue has always been the same and this year too there has been no change to that.

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Edit Following Shepard’s defection from Cerberus, EDI aided the crew in eluding the Illusive Man by blocking his technicians’ attempts to track the ship. When the Normandy SR-2 is placed in the Alliance ‘s possession, EDI pretended to be a simple VI to hide her true nature out of concerns that Alliance engineers would attempt to remove her.

She established the fiction that she would only respond to Joker’s commands, so they often brought him on board under guard.

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Edit Following Shepard’s defection from Cerberus, EDI aided the crew in eluding the Illusive Man by blocking his technicians’ attempts to track the ship. When the Normandy SR-2 is placed in the Alliance ‘s possession, EDI pretended to be a simple VI to hide her true nature out of concerns that Alliance engineers would attempt to remove her.

She established the fiction that she would only respond to Joker’s commands, so they often brought him on board under guard. When Earth was invaded, she hacked the docking clamps and escaped with Joker. While investigating Prothean technology on Mars , Shepard’s team recovers a Cerberus synthetic infiltration unit masquerading as “Dr. EDI assists in extracting vital data from the unit, and in the process, she seizes control of the body.

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She adapts the body’s existing software for hand-held firearms rather than downloading one from a security firm.

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The creek area is one of the most important ecosystems around Mumbai and Thane, and the mangroves surrounding the ecosystem form the vital green lung for the residents. It is also an important feeding and breeding ground for fishes. Locals have been living in harmony amidst this ecosystem for ages, but in recent past man has misused this ecosystem by way of releasing sewage, dumping solid waste, etc.

The creek is tidally influenced with the dominance of neretic waters and negligible fresh water flow except during the monsoon. The substratum of the creek in the midstream is made up of consolidated and unconsolidated boulders intermingled with lose rocks and rarely with sand and gravel. Extensive mudflats are formed along both the banks of the creek which are characterized by the growth of mangroves.

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Plot[ edit ] The series was very similar in style to Saved by the Bell , but with an urban setting and more diverse cast. City Guys was mainly centered on its two main characters, Jamal Grant Wesley Jonathan and Chris Anderson Scott Whyte , two teenagers from different backgrounds — Chris coming from a wealthy family, and Jamal coming from a working-class family — who had to stay on the ball while attending Manhattan High School which was nicknamed in the series as “Manny High” and avoid trouble, while their principal Karen Noble Marcella Lowery attempted to keep them in line and out of trouble.

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Hi, My name is Kalpana Sharma. I am a housewife and live in andheri. My husband works in an MNC and travels for months at a time. I feel very lonely in my .

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Anand Cinema – Thane East,Mumbai Show Time: Check out the showtimings of all now showing movies in Anand Cinema – Thane East, Mumbai.

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Kanheri comes from the Sanskrit Krishnagiri, which means black mountain. It is built on donated land on a peninsula between Gorai creek and the Arabian Sea. The pagoda is to serve as a monument of peace and harmony. Juhu Juhu is a neighbourhood of Mumbai. It is most famous for the sprawling Juhu Beach. Juhu is among the most affluent areas of the city and home to many Bollywood celebrities. The nearest Metro Station is D.

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