Keezhadi Excavation: How an Ancient Civilisation Is Being Unearthed in Tamil Nadu!

Dedicated to Lord Shiva who is revered here in the form of Kapaleeshwarar, the temple is one of the significant pilgrimage sites in Tamil Nadu for the Shaivites attracting hordes of devotees every day. Since those accidents, the eastern door sea facing of the temple remains closed. The glittering reflection of the temple in the water body surrounding it, during night is just beyond words and is sure to leave you enchanted with its hypnotising beauty. One recent poster, thanam from Malaysia, divorced, seemed to confirm my suspicions that, on this site, friendship equals love: At last count there were 50 male and 25 female members registered. The idol of the presiding deity is in the form of a charming young girl with rosary in her right hand. Sometimes even admiring the sunset with your dear on the beach can land you in trouble with the law. The temple is believed to have been built during the time of Pallava rule in 11th century and further renovations were made during Cholas, Pandyas and Vijayanagara reign.

Buddha in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a year-round tourist destination, and the industry is the largest in the country. The city is known for its beaches, Ancient Tamil architecture, Anglo-Indian architecture, cultural festivals and is India’s largest shopping destination. The city is currently India’s 4th largest and one of the world’s fifty most largest ones. This city houses Asia’s largest hospitals which has recently spurred a new wave of medical tourism. It is often referred to as the Manchester of South India due to its growing commercial importance, Coimbatore situated in Western end of Tamil Nadu and is well connected by road, rail and air with major towns and cities in India.

Coimbatore is also called as textile city or cotton city.

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The Meenakshi Amman Temple Much later, the Pallavas were replaced by the Chola dynasty as the dominant kingdom in the 9th century and they in turn were replaced by the Pandyan Dynasty in the 13th century. The Pandyan capital Madurai was in the deep south away from the coast. They had extensive trade links with the south east Asian maritime empires of Srivijaya and their successors, as well as contacts, even formal diplomatic contacts, reaching as far as the Roman Empire. During the 13th century, Marco Polo mentioned the Pandyas as the richest empire in existence.

They controlled the pearl fisheries along the south coast of India, between Sri Lanka and India, which produced some of the finest pearls in the known ancient world. Aditya I and his son Parantaka I expanded the kingdom to the northern parts of Tamil Nadu by defeating the last Pallava king, Aparajitavarman.

Rajaraja Chola conquered all of peninsular south India and parts of Sri Lanka.


April 29, They point to the existence of 2nd century BC culture and civilisation. I promise to the people of Tamil Nadu that this will continue. He claimed that Tamil Nadu and Tamil language were close to their heart and they had come to ensure that the excavation continued.

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It is a small hill station with an average elevation of 2, meters above sea level. The place is surrounded by thick forests and is located at the top of the Palani Hills. The establishment of the hill station dates back to which was founded as a refuge from the heat and the diseases of the tropical plains. Kodaikanal is famous for its scenic beauty and has a number of natural attractions that is the reason for its high tourist population.

The lakes, parks and different waterfalls along with the rich abundance of flora and fauna, the town, is indeed the gift of the forests. The place is a home to many natural marvels and phenomena such as the blooming of the rare Kurinji Flower which only blooms once in 12 years and is said to cover the entire valley in blue. With its various flora and natural and manmade attractions to enjoy, Kodaikanal will make you want to stay.

How to Reach Air Madurai Airport in the city is the nearest airport with the best connectivity, about 3 hours away km. It has good connectivity from all major cities of India. Take a cab or bus from the airport to Kodaikanal. It is connected to all states of India and a cab or bus can be taken from here to any part of the city.

Tamil/Tamizh is the Oldest Dravidian Language

This is our official temple website www. Devotees can safely keep their mobile phones in East, West, North and South tower entrances. All tower Mobile entrances Fees: The fact that the Lord is seen on the vehicle of Indira in this temple is said to be proof for this. Many historical evidences of the temple have been found dating back from early A.

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The pre-classical period[ change change source ] No one is sure about the exact origins of the Tamil people. Some historians believe that they are the original inhabitants of Lemuria and some Jewish migrants migrated around BC and mix with them. Some connect them with the Elamite people of ancient Iran. Historians confirmed with the scripts and names of towns of Indus that the people of the Indus Valley Civilization were Tamil.

They have a rich ancient history saying “Kal thondri man thondra kaalathe vazhodu mun thondria muutha kudi” meaning “They were the first ethnic group who emerged out with a sword after the deluge”. Here thr word sword represents, it happened after the iron age and they were well versed in dealing with metalurgy.

Carbon dating confirms Keezhadi site is from Sangam era

Tamil Nadu is a year-round tourist destination, and the industry is the largest in the country. The city is known for its beaches, ancient Tamil architecture, Anglo-Indian architecture, cultural festivals and is India’s largest shopping destination. The city is currently India’s 4th largest and one of the world’s fifty most largest ones.

CHENNAI: Candidates seeking admission to MBBS/BDS courses in Tamil Nadu were in for a shock on Thursday after the state selection committee made it mandatory to present at least eight of their parents’ documents during counseling.

Tamil Nadu is home to many popular places of interest. The tourism industry of Tamil Nadu is the second largest in India, with an annual growth rate of 16 percent. People from across the globe come here to see the temples with their exquisite Dravidian architecture, hill stations, and the heritage sites. This state is a place of varied beauty. Tamil Nadu has a long tradition of venerable culture.

The most visible legacy of this protracted cultural flowering is a crop of astounding temples, whose gigantic gateway towers, or gopurams, still soar above just about every town large enough to merit a railway station. Pilgrimage Tourism in Tamil Nadu No Indian state is more dominated by its temples than Tamil Nadu where temple architecture catalogues the tastes of successive dynasties and testifies to the centrality of religion in everyday life.

Tamil people

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The Great Living Chola Temples in Tamil Nadu stand testimony to the achievements of the royal Chola dynasty. Splendid in architecture, sculpture, painting and bronze casting, the magnificent temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Iron Age finds from Tamil Nadu of some years ago reveal a great mastery of bronze metallurgy and the pioneering art of crucible steel making. The southern Indian Iron Age, especially in Tamil Nadu, dating back to over years ago, has excelled in world-class metallurgy. As a testimonial to the then thriving metallurgical practices, various excavations since the late s have unearthed classical Iron Age artefacts from peninsular India, including animal motifs, metallic objects, bronze vessels, iron weapons and ceramics.

Such Indian iron and steel traditions have found significant mention in the Greek, Persian and Roman records, dating back to the earlier part of the first millennium BCE. In recently published, two-volume issues on Ancient Metallurgy by the journal Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Prof. In one of her papers , Prof. Srinivasan has uncovered the use of sophisticated high-tin bronze metallurgy in the Iron Age finds from Adichanallur, Tamil Nadu through scientific analysis.

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The Megalithic burial sites Megalithic burial is a typical mode of disposing the dead in most part of Tamilnadu in the past. Loosely called ‘dolmans’, these are stone-capped burial monuments with chambers and similar interment arrangements in stone.

Dating back to the 11th and 12th century, these structures have withstood the ravages of time The Cholas were one of the longest ruling dynasty in Southern India. The rulers of a period of more than years were not only proficient sovereigns, they were innovative builders. The patrons of Lord Shiva dedicated magnificent architectural splendors to their beloved God. The Chola style involves use of granite to create design consisting of deities, warriors, kings and dancers.

The Dravidian structures reflect the property of the Chola Empire. The glories till live in the wonderful temples. The king received divine command to build in his dreams. The grand design and magnificence added to the architectural splendor of the Chola capital. The Brihadisvara temple houses a 3. The wonderful designs of the gopurams in temple are decorated with sculptural depictions of various Hindu gods and goddesses.

The massive proportions and simplicity of design of the temple is believed to have provided inspiration for other buildings. Constructions not only in south India but also in south-east Asia have been modified from the grand designs.

Tamil Nadu Travel Guide and Tourism

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Pick up at the airport by your driver, who will take you to your hotel in Mahalipuram. The rest of day is free at leisure. Mahalipuram is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Its lovely beach is said to be the pick of the beaches in the east of India. Typical fishing boats and palm trees add to the colour of the sandy beach and the blue sea.

It is considered to be the second holiest after Varanasi. It was the capital city between 6th to 8th century AD during the reign of the notable Dravidian dynasties like Pallavas, Cholas and the Vijayanagar. Only around 70 temples of the original temples are still intact. The most famous of them is the Kailasanatha temple built with sandstone in the early 7th century A.

The town of Kanchipuram is famous for its silk weaving and a visit to the nearby villages to see the craftsmen at work on their looms is a rewarding experience. It occupies a stunning position on a rocky outcrop between the beach and a lagoon. The Shore Temple is of particular interest.


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